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We love what we do, and our work makes customers love what you do. JT is a bit more than just a Digital Agency in New York, it’s your personal team of designers, developers, and strategists who are deeply invested in every project we undertake.

We build experiences that span multiple platforms, helping people connect to the things that matter and providing nurturing environments where ideas can reach their full potential. We’re obsessed with building hot products that don’t just solve problems, but make you forget the problem ever existed.

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We are versatile

Our job is to make yours easier, no matter the scale. Our websites, apps, products, Block chain technology
and campaigns connect brands to their customers, and give digital form to
new ideas, platforms, and strategies that help you grow your business.


We all start somewhere. Put things in motion with JICSTech and we’ll help you nurture a new idea from the ground up. Need a quick favour? Just ask—that’s what friends are for.


When things get more serious, so do we. Unpacking complicated problems to find simple solutions is all in a day’s work for JICSTech.


Don’t worry, we dream big too. Our team gets excited about grand ideas, and we have the experience and manpower to tackle even the largest projects. Long-term, large-scale? Bring it on.

Just a Few of Our
Esteemed Clients

We’re proud of each and every one of our collaborations, ranging
from startups to governments.

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