Many Platforms,
One Experience

The best apps are beautiful beneath the surface too. We engineer
clean, organized code that’s easy to maintain and build upon. Bring
us your mock-ups and our app developers will help you bring them
to life.

Areas of Expertise

Platform Strategy

By leading with detailed research, we can make informed decisions about how to develop your app. The market is full of opportunities, and we outline development strategies that help you to create an app to achieve your goals.

Mobile Apps

Your users are mobile, and sometimes the best place to engage them lies beyond the desktop. We develop robust smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, tapping into cross platform mobile development.

Mobile Websites

With traffic shifting toward a mobile-first balance, your site should be designed accordingly. We bring responsive, touch-friendly web experiences to small screens so your customers can reach you on the go.

Native Functionality

Each platform has certain characteristics, and by maintaining an awareness of them, we deploy apps that are both functionally and aesthetically authentic, while retaining the individuality of your brand.

User Experience

An interface is both an environment and a tool. We build them to give users everything they need to engage with your content comfortably, intuitively, and interactively. We give every detail the polish it deserves, so your app leaves a lasting impression.

New Horizons

Today, it’s smartphones. Tomorrow, it’s wearables. No matter where the future takes us, JT keeps your app on the map. New platforms, new communities, and new interaction systems are the kinds of challenges we live for.

Available Everywhere

Your hard work shouldn’t be limited by platform. We help you reach
customers on any device, so you can focus on the important stuff.