Show Your True

The best brands are built with precision, purpose, and perspective.
We dig deep to find the core of your business, giving it shape and
presenting it in a memorable form that you’ll be proud to stand behind.

Areas of Expertise

Brand Development

Behind every brand is a story, a team, and a vision. We uncover those elements and build the foundations of your brand identity on them. The result doesn’t just represent you, it is you and that harmony allows your brand to grow as your business does. Start a project is you are looking for the best digital agency in New York.

Visual Identity

Like a sculpture, your brand isn’t the product of trying to add everything that’s relevant—it’s the result of removing anything that isn’t. Whether it’s an elaborate branding strategy or a simple wordmark, what remains is a timeless, authentic representation of your values.

Communication Design

The way you say something is nearly as important as what you say. Our branding packages are comprehensive, including brand consultation for tone and wording so you can easily maintain a consistent voice across all your communication channels.

Experimental Design

The strongest brands aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they resonate on a deeper level. We don’t just want to look, we want to participate. JT helps you build branding strategies for customers to engage with your brand in innovative, interactive ways.


Type is the visual language of words. Typeface choices and combinations speak volumes about your brand’s attitude, and can fundamentally change the impression you make. We help you make smart choices that support your brand and its message.


Sometimes the best way to connect with customers is to provide them with a charming character that they can relate to your brand. Mascots, like our own beloved JT, can be a versatile way to expand your image beyond a static branding logo.

Refined, Recognizable, Remarkable

A modern brand must weather the storm of our rapidly changing
world. Together, we’ll make sure yours stands the test of time.