Cloud Computing Risk

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Cloud Computing Risk

Balance the opportunities vs risks of cloud technology and channels.

Cloud computing has unique attributes that require risk assessments in areas such as data integrity, recovery, privacy, e-discovery and regulatory compliance. IRM’s Cloud Computing Risk Assessment provides a rational analysis of your cloud security posture and responsibilities, defined by the cloud provider service and the changing needs of your organisation.

Key Benefits

Regulatory Compliance

Your company is ultimately responsible for the security and integrity of data held by cloud service providers. Discover where your data is hosted and if cloud service providers are storing and processing data according to specific jurisdictions.

Control and Transparency

IRM’s risk consultants are able to assess your current and potential cloud providers to determine the scope of services, types of data that transferred and whether they are focused on data security and privacy in order to minimise the business impact of network security and privacy risks.

Shared Security and Responsibilities

Maps your organisation’s security capabilities and current security responsibilities to ensure that controls are not overlooked and the allocation of responsibilities between your organisation and cloud providers are fully understood.

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

IRM has developed an innovative methodology
to ensure that security keeps up with the changing
demands of your business.

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Cloud Risk Assessment Report: Risks your company faces, Cyber threats that cause those risks, Effectiveness of controls you have in place, Recommendations for proportionate remediation

Cloud Risk Treatment PlanExpert recommendations on how to re-align your current third party risk posture. Includes targets and milestones for risk reduction, making budget and resource decisions easier.