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Cyber Risk Appetite

Your organisation encounters financial, operational, compliance and strategic risks every day in pursuit of growth and customer retention. But has anyone quantified how much cyber risk is acceptable?

Understand, articulate and establish your organisation’s Cyber Risk Appetite. IRM’s Cyber Risk Appetite service is an evolutionary process that ensures proportionate cyber risk management sits at the heart of your business and aligns with your strategy.

Key Benefits

Set the Bar

Benchmark your risk maturity across the four pillars of cyber security: People, process, technology and compliance.

Be Aware

Align cyber risk with your organisations’ reality, enabling you to quantify how much risk is tolerable and how cyber threats could impact strategic business objectives.


Conduct ‘on the ground’ cyber risk assessments across your organisation, developing and communicating your Cyber Risk Appetite by working alongside key stakeholders.

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

IRM has developed an innovative methodology
to ensure that security keeps up with the changing
demands of your business.

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Appetite StatementA set framework across your organisation for information security management, articulated in such a way that employees know how to work efficiently and securely.

Remediation PlanExpert recommendations on how to re-align your current cyber risk posture with your organisation’s actual tolerance, whilst adapting to the changing regulatory environment.

Cyber Risk RegisterA clear definition of your risk limits, with roles and responsibilities outlined for those overseeing the framework’s implementation. Helps your business to track remediation efforts and document the cyber risks you are prepared to accept.