Cyber Security Risk

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Every single one of your systems, applications, employees and suppliers has the capacity to introduce cyber risk into your business.

Understanding, assessing and quantifying these risks is the first step towards eliminating them. IRM’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment works with your key stakeholders to understand exactly which information assets should be assessed within your organisation, before investigating, identifying and analysing the vulnerabilities existing within and around them.

Key Benefits

Quantify Your Exposure

Clearly define your exposure and its potential impact in business terms – uncovering the severity of various cyber risks against your strategic objectives.

Increase Cyber Risk Awareness

Quantify cyber risks in order to increase awareness within your organisation. Putting a value on potential exposure increases internal buy-in, making it easier to impact employee behaviour towards information security.

Focus Investment

The scenarios and associated exposures identified by IRM’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment, will help steer IT investment towards proportionate remediation activities and ensure the business requirements are better understood.

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

IRM has developed an innovative methodology
to ensure that security keeps up with the changing
demands of your business.

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Risk Assessment ReportA detailed view of the cyber risks your company faces, the threats that cause these risks, the effectiveness of the controls you have in place and recommendations for remediation.

Treatment PlanExpert recommendations on how to re-align your current cyber risk posture and manage this new risk. Your plan will include expected targets and milestones for risk reduction, making budget and resource decisions easier.

Cyber Risk RegisterA centrally tracked document for remediation efforts and/or risks you are prepared to accept; not the most efficient method, which is one of core reasons IRM created SYNERGi.