Cyber Security Risk
Reporting Framework

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Cyber Security Risk Reporting

If you have to submit regular cyber security reports to the Board, Audit or Risk Management Committees – then a Risk Reporting Framework is essential.

The IRM framework is designed to provide guidance and confidence to the Board of Directors with regards to risk management, compliance and information security teams. Each business stakeholder receives contextualised and actionable cyber risk intelligence in order to support proper notification and escalation procedures – ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved.

Key Benefits

Good Governance

Get a framework that includes agreed standards for outsourced and internal risk data-related processes, policies on data confidentiality, integrity and availability on your risk management policies.

Independent Validation

Ensure you have an objective assessment of your organisation’s cyber risk data aggregation and reporting processes – namely whether they operate as intended and are appropriate for your unique risk profile.

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

IRM has developed an innovative methodology
to ensure that security keeps up with the changing
demands of your business.

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Cyber Risk Reporting Framework A framework tailored to the operation and needs of your organisation to facilitate proactive risk management. This will allow your organisation to identify and escalate issues either as they arise, or before they are realised.

Synergi Cyber Security ManagementIncludes access to SYNERGi, a SaaS solution that provides real-time reports and dashboards for a 360⁰ view of the people, processes, and technologies that support your risk reporting requirements.