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Put the JT to work on your next campaign. We leverage
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Areas of Expertise


Informed campaigns are successful campaigns. By analyzing your audience, competition, and market, we discover key insights that help us position your digital marketing project for maximum impact.

Connected Strategy

Your campaign doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We design digital marketing strategies that take into account all facets of the digital space, helping you communicate effectively on multiple fronts all at once.


Your site’s content is a crucial component of your marketing strategy. We make selective adjustments to account for how visitors search for and discover your site. As search engine algorithms change, we adapt so you never have to worry about how your site is performing.


Search Engine Marketing is a holistic approach to boosting your product’s visibility on the web. We employ a toolkit of battle-tested techniques that leverage Search Engine Optimization, advertising, and Social Media Marketing to skillfully direct an audience’s attention.

Marketing Engagement

Modern marketing relies on a keen awareness of digital trends, and the agility to react to them. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry, which means your campaigns and your audience are always on the same wavelength.


While SEO (search engine optimization) fosters discovery, SMM (Social Media Marketing) builds upon that awareness and transforms it into engagement. We identify the most promising platforms for reaching your customers, and work with you to develop a strong social media management plan.

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