Draw Attention

Strong illustrations aren’t just eye candy, they’re the key to keeping
an audience engaged from beginning to end. Our team of
dedicated artists specializes in turning briefs into brilliant artwork
for creative websites, campaigns, and publications.

Areas of Expertise


We draw attention - literally. Our artists specialize in illustrated storytelling, using vector design to make even the most complex subjects accessible and engaging. Use data to strengthen your point and enrich your communication.

Vector Art

Who wants to worry about pixel density and screen resolution? You just want your visuals to look sharp, clear, and beautiful on any screen. That’s why JT artists develop vector-based illustrations that are infinitely scalable and quick to load, even on mobile devices.

Pixel Art

Vector graphics are the champions of digital art, but vector artwork isn’t always the best approach. Pixel-based, raster artwork can be intricate, full of character and ideal for scenarios where photo realistic detail and extensive colour palettes are required.

Concept Art

Visualization is a crucial part of any pre-production cycle. Our artists provide everything from quick sketches to detailed digital paintings for game, film, and advertising clients to help them define an art style, communicate ideas, or inspire.

3d Modeling

When a flat perspective doesn’t cut it, JT provides 3D modelling services for design mock-ups, digital art, and product concept renderings. Brought to life in three dimensions, your idea can be admired from every angle.

Flat Illustrations

Modern design prioritizes content, which is why we develop visuals that guide users and contextualize information without being distracting. Icons, banners, and other illustrated elements are rendered in subtle, layered styles that blend seamlessly into your design.

Show, Don’t Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, and can often capture a
feeling, a message, an idea more effectively than text. We’ll help you
find the best way to make your ideas resonate with your audience.