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Many attorneys come to us for IT solutions,  While a practicing attorney is certainly competent to write about legal topics and issues, you may not know how to write content that will perform well in searches on Google and other search engines. More importantly, the process of drafting high quality legal content is time consuming. The most successful law firm websites and law blogs are constantly updated on a weekly and even daily basis, which is unrealistic for most successful attorneys with busy law practices. By outsourcing this time consuming task to our legal ghostwriters, you can focus on retaining new prospective clients and providing exemplary legal services.

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Oil & Gas




Travel & Hospitality






Human management

Event management

Political campaigns

Casino games




Non Profit



Law Firm Management Software

We customize law software to include attorney practice management solutions, case and matter management, e-discovery and court room system organization.


Legal Hold Software

JICS-Tech experts design legal hold software tools for data preservation.


Case Management Software

We code software that enables you to access files, manage your law practice, and speak with clients from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Court Room Technology Modules

We develop courtroom tech modules for case history, jury management, subpoena and warrant tracking.


Virtual Law Firm Solutions

We develop platforms for virtual law firms that include user and client portals, collaboration tools, web and video conferencing, and more.


Law Firm Analytics Software

Our developer’s program analytics features for data-driven insight to win lawsuits and new clients.


Legal Mobile App Development

Our developers create mobile apps designed for both traditional and virtual offices, enabling clients to remain up-to-date with their case management efforts.

Mobile App Development Services

Law Firm Billing Software Solutions

We develop custom firm billing software, implemented with custom fee schedules, automated billing functions, custom billing rates, and more.

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Banking and capital markets law

Jics-tech team is trusted legal business advisors to financial institutions globally. Our banking and capital markets law experts bring significant experience and understanding of the client's objectives to develop key strategies

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Wealth and Asset Management

The wealth and asset management sector is characterized by increasing competition, stricter supervisory control and growing regulation. This makes the structuring and distribution of investment funds progressively more complex.

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Mobile App Development Services

Data privacy and data ethics

The high potential for misuse of sensitive personal information has triggered regulatory and legislative measures globally which have an impact on all business and industry sectors.

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Mobile App Development Services

Our Solutions

Custom Audit Workflows

Custom Audit Workflows

We build custom audit automation software with event triggers, workflow design, and automated filtering modules.

Powerful Audit Reporting

Powerful Audit Reporting

Our developers program custom real-time reporting applications to easily generate audit reports within minutes.

Custom Audit Software Development

Custom Audit Software Development

Our developers create internal custom audit software and external custom audit software tools for policy and procedure compliance, finances, operations, IT, etc.

Audit Planning Systems

Audit Planning Systems

We program audit planning and scheduling features for the beginning process to ensure that work is properly coordinated and completed.

Mobile Audit Apps

Mobile Audit Apps

Our developers program mobile apps that allow workers to complete audits anywhere, anytime

Audit Checklist Services

Audit Checklist Services

We develop features and modules for internal quality audits, composed of questions that are derived from the company process and requirement documentation.


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