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Facility Management Software Development

We at JICS-Tech ensure that all diverse elements involved in the business of safety are factored in before designing and developing facility management app. The whole process of flow of people, goods, and vehicles into the facility and out of it is mapped in a linear method. Starting from gate pass management to asset maintenance management, the app encompasses all entry and exit points of the facility

Property and building managers in charge of multiple, multi-faceted facilities need one platform that they can use to manage all their assets, plan spaces, make smart purchases, schedule repairs and upkeep, and improve habitability in any number of ways. Chetu knows how to bring all these components together for a cohesive, user-friendly, facility-specific solution.

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Custom CAFM Systems

JICS-Tech provides custom, cloud-based Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) solutions for commercial, residential, educational, and governmental facilities. Leveraging robust information technology, database services, and 2D/3D mapping software, we'll create a facility management software solution to help you plan your space and manage the assets within it. CAFM systems are also prefect for managing moves to new facilities.


Comprehensive IWMS Solutions

We develop Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) that help managers optimize facility and property management processes, increase transparency, standardize operations and reduce costs for both "hard" and "soft" FM components.


CMMS Software Development

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) help managers schedule emergency repairs, inspections and preventative maintenance (triggered by discrepancies in temperature, energy use, vibrations, etc.) on all facility equipment, saving costs by limiting downtime and reactive maintenance


Facilities Management Asset Tracking

Our developers design Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platforms so you can keep track of the location of all physical assets, as well as who is in possession of them. We integrate with embedded barcode/QR scanner software for employee self-check- in and check-out, and RFID tech so distributed building scanners can locate assets at all times. You can also easily keep depreciation schedule for all long-term assets.


Inventory Management

We build centralized inventory databases so you can maintain full visibility on equipment parts and supplies, where they're located, how much you have left, and other critical information (cost-per-unit, materials components, supplier details). Inventory management software modules can also automate reorders for supplies upon reaching thresholds established by you.


Mobile Solutions

We create native (iOS or Android) or cross-platform mobile applications that offer the full functionality of desktop versions, as well as one-click photo uploading, barcode/QR scanning and GPS-enhanced asset tracking features. We can also program real-time SMS or push notifications for equipment failures, security breaches or any other event that demands immediate attention.


Integration and Migration

Are you already using a (less-than-ideal) facility management software solution? We'll migrate all your data to your new custom platform, using methods proven to limit system downtime and prevent data loss.

Mobile App Development Services

Work Order Management

We help simplify the work order and project management process by creating intuitive, user-friendly input modules, with customizable fields, as well as comprehensive dashboards. We can even program your CMMS or IWMS platform to automate work orders and send out pre-written emails to third-party maintenance services on a scheduled basis or upon equipment failures.

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