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Field Management Development Services

We develop, integrate, and customize Field Service Management Software, implemented with Order Fulfillment Software, Inventory Management Systems, Shipping & Logistics Systems, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to increase profits, customer loyalty, and business efficiency for field service operations. FMS’ Electrical and Professional Engineers and technical staff provide a full range of services including, electromagnetic field (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) surveys, source definition and field characterization, computer simulation and modeling studies, design and implementation of field mitigation strategies.

Our advanced computer simulation and modeling capabilities include 3-Dimensional Field mapping and Modeling Analysis (BIM-B, BEM, and FEM). We are unique in our HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) engineering experience, a capability of increasing importance in EMF/EMI engineering.

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Field Service Management Software Development

We deliver end-to-end Field Service Management Software Solutions to improve business efficiency, real-time communication, and fast response times. We develop FSM platforms that simplify the back office processes and allow field service operators to quickly raise service requests, identify issues, and ensure that jobs are completed on time.


Real-Time FSM Communication Software Development

We engineer Real-Time Communication Software using Telephony and VoIP Programming to maintain clear communications between dispatchers and field service technicians. We develop secure communication portals for managers to facilitate service requests, follow-up on work orders, make payments, send invoices, and more.


Reports & Dashboards

We engineer custom reporting and dashboard modules allowing field service operators to create and analyze comprehensive reports, along with assigning new jobs, viewing service & ticket details, accessing schedules, invoicing customers, accessing technician attendance reoprts, analyze performance metrics, and so much more.


Customer FSM Self-Service Portals

We build AI-powered Customer FSM Self-Service Portals to empower customers with immediate service using chatbots and virtual agents, smart search modules, voice biometrics, and digital self-service features. We integrate these portals with drag-and-drop scheduling and work order processing functions to ensure a seamless automated experience.


Logistics Management & Reverse Logistics Engines

We develop FSM Systems to manage all logistics and reverse logistics business processes from Return Material Authorizations (RMA) for accelerated exchange and repair return on supply. We build reverse logistics engines to effectively manage the return and repair of assets, reducing costs, shortening repair turnaround time, and increasing efficiency.


Remote Assistance

We program Remote Assistance Software so that remote experts can instantly diagnose, solve, and validate issues for customers and field service technicians in inaccessible locations. These solutions merge two real-time video streams where the customer or field technician can see the remote expert’s field of view in an interactive, merged reality environment.


FSM Dispatch

We develop AI-powered Planning and Scheduling Solutions for dispatchers to effectively communicate via voice IP & SMS, create work schedules, optimize routes, and reallocate work to the proper resources and channels, all while keeping to SLAs. We also incorporate predictive modeling software to provide answers to complex capacity forecasting questions.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Field Service Application Solutions

We engineer Custom Mobile FSM Application Solutions with built-in dynamic scheduling, route optimization, real-time alerts, CRM, invoicing & accounting, reports & dashboards, inventory management software, reverse logistics, online chat modules, and more to automate and optimize operations throughout the enforce field service lifecycle.

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Mobile App Development Services

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