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Franchise Management Development Services

Without a truly cohesive franchise management system, it can be nearly impossible to maintain a comprehensive view of enterprise-wide operations. Whether you’re an established franchise company, or a new business that is considering expansion by franchising your business, our cloud-based franchise management software will help you increase sales, reach higher customer and franchisee satisfaction levels, as well as have full reporting and visibility for Franchisor and Franchisee management. Whether you’re an established franchise company, a new business that is considering expansion by franchising your business, or an emerging franchisor with a few franchise units, we believe the franchise management software built by FranchiseSoft will help you increase sales, reach higher customer and franchisee satisfaction levels, and have full reporting and visibility for Franchisor and Franchisee management.

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Human management

Event management

Political campaigns

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Franchise Intranet Programming

Franchise-wide intranets facilitate secure communications across all locations. We integrate Document Management Systems (DMS) to franchise management platforms. Our development provides news tickers, project management modules, and employee training apps as collaborative franchisee forums for a shared knowledge base.


Franchise CRM Software

We create custom CRM platforms within franchise management systems to help leverage customer engagement. Overseeing franchise-wide marketing efforts, and managing potential leads conversions using our franchise management development is a time-saver.


Enterprise Franchise Management System

Our point-of-sale (POS) systems enable analysis customer-specific metrics such as spending patterns, and marketing effectiveness. We design Content Management Systems (CMS) for digital managers to maintain multiple websites and increase Omni channel visibility strategically.


Franchise Territory Mapping Software

We program BI-powered territory mapping software to plot new sites, optimizing customer reach and limiting franchise cannibalization. Using dynamic GIS mapping technology and population segmentation databases (including Census data), analyze locations and populations by property costs, prevalence of competing businesses, average income, demographics, e-commerce trends, and social media participation.


Royalties Franchise Management System

We integrate BI engines, POS data with Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) databases to calculate costs, including royalty fees, additional in-house, and third-party financing costs. We develop accounting ledgers for managing operation costs of multi locations


Franchise ERP Systems

Integrate custom or open-source ERP software, adding intuitive operations dashboards for all ERP workflows. Our franchise management software provides logistics, supply chain management, and human resources management solutions. We program Order Management Systems (OMS) for real-time inventory reports, economic order quantity (EOQ) calculations, automated restocking, and real-time resource tracking. Our third-party ERP software integration includes Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, NetSuite and SAGE.


Managed DbaaS Solutions

Our database specialists will consult with you to determine the best DBaaS provider to fit your data-driven services and requirements regarding cost, scale, current workflows and future development plans. We can work with popular DBaaS providers, including Oracle, AWS (RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora and SimpleDB), Azure, MongoDB, Google Cloud (SQL, Datastore, Spanner) and IBM (DB2, Compose, Cloudant).

Mobile App Development Services

Data Integration and Migration

We automate data transfers, merging and migrating data from various applications, file formats and Database Management Systems (DBMS) and consolidating knowledge bases and business processes. We integrate disparate data types, as well as business logic schemas, keeping to ETL (extract-transform-load) best practices and proven protocols for version control. We make sure to prioritize data integrity during every integration.

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