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Fraud Protection Software Development

E-commerce businesses, from digital mom-and-pop shops to titanic enterprises, need a means of fraud management that is custom-designed to fit their organization and monitor them in real time. Incorporate machine learning, ensure less chargebacks, and less lost revenue, with JICS-Tech fraud detection and fraud prevention programming solutions.

Along with the increase in adoption of the digital processes, there has also been in a massive increase in the digital fraud. Companies should be extremely careful to prevent themselves from any kind of external threats and cyber-attacks. It is always advisable to detect the fraud in the early stages and prevent it from happening across your enterprise.

Industries We Serve

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Oil & Gas




Travel & Hospitality






Human management

Event management

Political campaigns

Casino games




Non Profit



Fraud Detection Software

Our developers program advanced fraud detection analytics for platforms with customized rule based engines, machine learning, data analysis algorithms, and Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) with unique features for pattern recognition, data mining, real time monitoring, and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD).


E-Commerce Integrations

We build and integrate APIs for background check software (LexisNexis and InstantID) and credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) and Fraud Management Systems (MinFraud, ACI ReD Shield, Iovation), as well as case management platforms.


Complex Security Management

We program secure biometric and two-factor authentication tools, and access security management features to automate the initiation, capture, and management of electronic user identities and related access permissions in real time.


Compliance Management

Maintain thorough audit trails and reporting of operational, financial, and security compliances. We design systems that automate processes to meet U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act guidelines.


User Management

We program user provisioning protocols including role-based access controls (RBAC), password management, and Single Sign-On (SSO) functions. Dashboards with modules for access request management, user activity monitoring, and project tracking. We also integrate third-party IP Intelligence services from F5 Networks, Neustar, and Dennemeyer.


Secure Payment Programming

We develop e-commerce fraud detection and fraud prevention solutions such as PCI compliant payment for tokenization data security protocols, EMV integrations, and data encryptions, leveraging third parties like TransArmor, standard RSA/PKI, 3DES (TDES) methods with DUKPT, Master Session keys, and 3-D Secure specifications.


FSM Dispatch

We develop AI-powered Planning and Scheduling Solutions for dispatchers to effectively communicate via voice IP & SMS, create work schedules, optimize routes, and reallocate work to the proper resources and channels, all while keeping to SLAs. We also incorporate predictive modeling software to provide answers to complex capacity forecasting questions.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Field Service Application Solutions

We engineer Custom Mobile FSM Application Solutions with built-in dynamic scheduling, route optimization, real-time alerts, CRM, invoicing & accounting, reports & dashboards, inventory management software, reverse logistics, online chat modules, and more to automate and optimize operations throughout the enforce field service lifecycle.

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