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Legacy Migration Services

JICS-Tech creates customized migration solutions for legacy application enhancement and retirement. There are many benefits to transitioning from dated software to the latest in IT software technology. Our team provides code modernization and seamless transitions from restricted legacy applications to custom developed software, tailored to meet your business needs. As technology evolves and business needs change, our clients often need to replace a live legacy web application with a new one. The challenge they face is that they’re often replacing a live, production legacy web app with a new one, which presents a unique set of challenges. Changing data, new technical requirements, and additional licensing or usage rates are just some of the obstacles companies today face

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Legacy System Modernization

We modernize systems with enhanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), relational databases, and operating systems, utilize strategies including Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) and the Renaissance Method, and ensure integrity of data and functionality of mission critical systems throughout legacy systems.


Legacy System Migration

JICS-Tech provides legacy system migration services, such as manual migrations and translations of languages like COBOL, RPG, and Pascal to newer, more widely adopted languages and frameworks including .NET and Java, programming of custom automated translation tools for databases, languages, and operating systems for harmonious migration, as well as data conversions, migrations, and validation testing.


Application Modernization Services

Our developers perform application modernization services, such as enhancements of current systems with modern services including web, mobile, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and more capabilities.


Custom Software Modernization

Our experts update earlier iterations of Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, Perl, Python, Objective-C, and others to modern releases. We also implement open and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).


Lost business opportunities

By investing in legacy software support and maintenance, you leave less room for innovations. Instead of adopting new technologies and business models, you are stuck with your old software, letting new opportunities in your industry go unnoticed. This leaves your competitors more openings to outperform you and take over your market share.


Organizational agility and efficiency

IT modernization is grounded on agility, along with digital M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and cooperation with digital startups, as identified by the Harvard Business Review research. Agile methodologies can speed up the provision of IT services by 30 to 50 percent and they are particularly suitable for transformations with a great deal of uncertainty.


Estimating system modernization costs

The most expensive way to modernize is to not modernize at all. But, as in any software development project, you will need an estimation of your efforts, which is usually done using specific methodologies and tools.

Mobile App Development Services

Integration and compliance

Modern software platforms often rely on third-party APIs to access a few capabilities, such as geolocation, user authentication, data sharing, and transactions. For example, Uber relies on the data provided through the Google Maps API for its core functionality – navigation for drivers and journey visualization for customers.

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Launch and Maintenance

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