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Location Based Development Services

Location-based apps are our expertise. We provide location-based services and geolocation apps development. Our GIS consultants deploy custom mobile solutions. Our expertise includes GEO-positioning and GPS coordinate processing. We design location-based games, fitness apps, virtual and augmented reality. Our LBS engineers build applications on any platform including Android and iOS.

 JICS-Tech has been partnering with the world’s leading map providers, ambitious startups, and Fortune 500 companies to develop location data platforms, creating a world of open location based solutions for end users and developers. Our expertise covers integration with a variety of APIs, data collection, automated data processing, and compilation of accurate maps with multiple tiles for custom business use. Our clients develop innovative location solutions for car navigation, vehicle fleets, open data platforms, cross-industry drone applications, agricultural machinery, and venues all over the world.

Industries We Serve

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Travel & Hospitality






Human management

Event management

Political campaigns

Casino games




Non Profit



Point-of-Interest Locating

It's a must for businesses with dedicated apps to include a feature for locating the closest store or service provider. We design world-class location-based applications with GPS tracking modules that offer highly accurate driving estimations, dynamic condition filtering and easy-to-understand interfaces that encourage repeat usage.


GPS and Navigation Applications

Our developers program GPS-based applications capable of integrating with third parties, such as weather and traffic apps, through custom APIs. We program real-time routing and re-routing software for efficient fleet and logistics management with integrated location-based software and GPS tracking technologies.


Social Media Solutions

Checking in" has rapidly become one of the most used functions in social networks and one of the most beneficial for a wide variety of businesses. We have experience building and integrating social media apps with location-based features, including location-based tagging, for uses ranging from infotainment to emergency services.


Proximity-Based Marketing

We build digital marketing apps with location-based capabilities, including location-specific push notifications. Geofencing technology enables businesses to automate marketing material pushes to customers' mobile devices upon entering a preset area (near a retail location, for example).


Asset Tracking Technology

Maintaining visibility on every one of a company's assets, whether that's IT equipment, heavy machinery or human assets, is critical for keeping operations running smoothly and revenue generating. We leverage technologies like barcodes, RFID trackers, NFC tags and IoT scanners to update centralized databases in real time when assets are moved.


Field Service Apps

We develop mobile field service applications that let employers keep track of their entire workforce from one user location. Our location-based development solutions include geolocation apps with abilities to locate individual field workers, track deliveries, route drivers, handle dispatching operations, track assets and maintain a database of location-specific events.


Geofencing Location Based Services

We provide geo-fencing solutions with integrated alert triggers for targeted messaging and email communications. We also perform geo-tagging software development with custom modules to integrate with photo applications, and remote sensing devices (RFID, barcode, QR scanners).

Mobile App Development Services

Integrations and Customizations

Our LBS software specialists know their way around the code and development environment of the most popular geo-location software offerings, including Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps and MapQuest. We are able to configure and incorporate these services into any mobile, desktop or web app to create unique, feature-rich map experiences.

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