Third Party Risk

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Third Party Risk Assessment

The convenience and flexibility of outsourcing third party services comes with significant cyber risks, including regulatory penalties for vendor related incidents.

IRM’s assessment service has been created to help your organisation to benchmark your entire 3rd party establishment. Used in collaboration with the 3rd party audit module within SYNERGi, IRM is able to cost effectively assess and implement proportionate and responsible due diligence processes and protocols based on varying levels of third party risk. Get the most from your third party relationships without being exposed to unknown cyber risks.

Key Benefits

Quantify Your Exposure

Clearly define your third party exposure and its potential impact in business terms

Synergi Delivery

The assessment and results are delivered via our Cyber Security Management Platform, SYNERGi. Our Third Party Risk Assessment includes access to SYNERGi Third Party, allowing your team to automate assessments, re-classify third parties and develop risk treatment plans.

Third Party Stratification

The same level of risk does not apply to all third parties. Understand and identify which third parties that matter most.

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

IRM has developed an innovative methodology
to ensure that security keeps up with the changing
demands of your business.

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Risk Assessment ReportDetails the third party risks your company faces, the cyber threats that cause these risks, the status controls you have in place and the recommendations for proportionate remediation.

Risk Treatment PlanExpert recommendations on how to re-align your current third party risk posture. Includes targets and milestones for risk reduction, making budget and resource decisions easier.

Third Party Risk RegisterCentrally track remediation efforts in one place, review risks you are prepared to accept and automate future audits.